Hygiene Product Design

Health 2 Hygiene Works On 3 Types Of Products

(1) Fem Care (2) Baby Care (3) Adult Care & Incontinence

Our Product Portfolio is the Result of Our Expertise and Technical Knowledge Coupled With an Experienced & Devoted Workforce and Belief in Long-term Relationships With Customers. The Quality of the Product Created in the Productive Process is Understood Dependently On the Form of the Product.

Our Reliance on the Most Advanced Imported Machinery and Equipment Together With Our Well-trained Personnel Results in Superior Products Our Well Laid-out Plants Greatly Enhance Efficiency and Flawless Production Processes. Quality Control is One of Our Biggest Strong Suits to Meet the Requirements of Our Customers.

We Consistently, Keep a Watch at Lower Defects, Reduce Product Variability, Improve Customer Satisfaction, Improve Manufacturing Yield, and Reduce Scrap, Waste, or Giveaways.

Hygiene Product Design

All Products Are Designed by Technical Consultants From India Mr. Amiit Kb Who Also Helped to Customize the Technology Used in the Facility. The Products Are Designed to Give All Our Customers the Best Fit and Comfort, Offering Freedom of Movement With Optimum Absorption Capacity Looking at the Gcc Market and Consumer Behaviour This Product Got Designed and Running With Its Own Success Ratio in the State of Qatar. Having Exposure in 42 Overseas Countries With Business House Connections Make His Professional Life Stronger in Product Placement.

With In-depth And Veteran Experience In Product Design, We Are Capable To Design Product And Construction That Is Suitable For Mothers, Baby, And Incontinence Care Requirements. We Can Offer And Suggest Very Typical And Innovative Ideas On Product And Its Construction As Per Demand And Need Of The Current And Future Trends.

Our Product Services

  • Baby Diaper Open Tape I SHAPE T SHAPE C SHAPE
  • Baby Pull-Up 2 Pieces 3 Pieces
  • Sanitary Pads With Wings
  • Sanitary Pads Without Wings
  • Sanitary pads With Double Wings
  • Panty Liners with Wigs
  • Panty Liners without Wings
  • Adult Diaper Open TapeTampons
Hygiene Product Services
  • Adult Diaper Pull-Up
  • Lady Pants with Pad
  • Lady pants Without Pad
  • Under Pads Surgical use.
  • Non-Woven (SS / SSS / SMS / SMMS)
  • Air Laid Paper
  • Hot Air Through Material (HAT)
  • SAP Sheet

Hygiene Product Design

Health 2 Hygiene Has a Qualified Team To Design And To Construct Products Looking To Regional Requirements, Team Can Develop Customize Design For The Need Of Clients And Future Requirements. This Is Absolutely A Customize Project So, Every Customers And Machine Get Treated As Per Demand And Requirement.

Being In This Industry For a Long And Having a Team Of Experts From All Corners, We Are Capable Of Making Value Addition And Usp Base Construction Of Product And Project In Feminine Care, Baby Care Adult Care & Incontinence Products. It Will Also Help You To Set Different And Unique Products Among Existing Brands And Products.

Hygiene Product Design
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